Spodnie dla mamuśki

Spodnie dla mamuśki


Urodzona w latach 90. Szczęśliwa Mama dwójki córeczek. Od 2009 roku prowadzę bloga Naturalnie Piękna. Uwielbiam pisać, jest to moja wielka pasja :)

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5 komentarzy

  1. Kinga

    Fajne, wygodne na pewno ❤

  2. ellie

    Oh, I love this! I wear more leggings however and tunic. I have to say I love lounge wear because if I’m not working, I’d rather be in my comfy hoodie and some sweat pants with of course, house shoes. This pandemic has stopped me from going place and even shopping on Amazon. I usually find my sweaters and tunic at CVS. No way am I wearing high heels with joggers. Love the post!

  3. Caitlin'nMegan

    So nice. I am very much for comfort. At home and even at work. I still have times when I panic. I can’t find my bra! My mom found hers in the fridge once, thanks to my brother who always wanted to sleep with it. Anyway, I guess it run in my family. I do think being comfortable it a plus.

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